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The path taken in business is as important as the destination. To reach the right destination, you must take the right path. To take the right path, you must aim at a worthy destination and practice fiscal, creative, technologicial, ethical, and legal discipline along the way.

With this circularity of destination and path in mind (the zen of business), our lawyers have been re-thinking and redefining affordable business legal services from day-one, helping thousands of businesses (from start-ups, to growth-stage businesses with 100 employees or less, to investment companies capitalized with tens of millions of dollars) awaken to new possibilities, as well as to anticipate, prevent, or overcome the unwelcome bumps and twists along the way.

As a virtual legal services (VSL) practice we help clients avoid the costly inefficiencies and inconveniences of a traditional law practice by shifting the attorney-client interface to telephone and e-mail communiciations, rather than in-office consultations, creating an ongoing attorney-client relationship that is more flexible and integrated into the work-flow of each client business at substantially less cost.

Virtual services do not include litigation matters or matters requiring in-office appointments. Rates may change from time to time.

In addition to our low hourly rates and formidable list of practice areas, our attorneys also provide small businesses like yours with:

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